TODAY June 4th I craved peace but it did not come. It was not tangible so I could not touch it. My paradise eluded me again. I sat delusional. My truth still holding me captive. My reality engulfed pain and disappointment. Anger that spilled over the edge of time and ran into my crystal blue... Continue Reading →

Holes in My Shoes

In the shadow of the lonely nights we often wonder about the missing pieces of our lives. We take many steps in the shoes that we wear.  Some by choice. Some by force. We walk in these shoes carrying all the weight of the world. The weight so heavy that holes appear in those shoes.... Continue Reading →

No Loitering in this Soul

(Private Property) I watched you...I watched you. I watched you talk. I watched the words come out of your mouth. Yes, I did. I can see the words. I can hear the words. I am considering these words. They are deep. They are convincing. They are intentional. They are demoralizing. I could not bring them to... Continue Reading →

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