Can I Come Up…

Can I come up to the place that keeps you sane?

Where the wind blows all your cares away.

Where the freedom pushes you to soar in the universe of opportunities.

Where the clouds impersonate your long lost imaginary friends.

Where the beautiful blue sky takes you into a day dream filled with miracles that energizes all your senses.

Where the squirrels frolic freely without a sense of death.

Where the birds gaze down on the Earth walkers with sympathy.

Where my eyes and heart can see all the possibilities.

Where the world looks smaller than our problems.

-Climbing to the Treetop

© 2016 All words & images by Tanya Graham unless otherwise noted.


Author: TanyaG

As a country girl growing up shy in Georgia, sharing my emotions was something that I did not do. I was a beautifully sun-kissed child that always felt loved but out of place. As I got older and life sent me through many roads both up and down, I decided I needed an outlet to put the many growing emotions and opinions from both the past and the present into perspective… so I began expressing through writing and photography. My idea of writing is simple and heartfelt. I do not consider my writing to be classified as poetry or that of a highly skilled writer but just words that are my own. So I really hope you enjoy my blogs, storytelling, and photography. As you enjoy this journey with me, I really hope you are inspired and motivated.

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