Love is not enough to conquer the demons

that lurk in the inner most dwelling of your bones.

It has surpassed the soul & spirit. It does not move freely

in your heart & mind. It has hardened & calcified in the bones.

It is thick & unmovable. Days filled with laughter & smiles

of those that love you no longer matter. Days filled with

accomplishments & accolades do not impress it. Days filled

with “I love you” & “I can’t live without you” no longer can stop

it in its tracks. It is mystifying & unstoppable by any

living thing.


© 2016 All words & images by Tanya Graham unless otherwise noted.

Author: TanyaG

As a country girl growing up shy in Georgia, sharing my emotions was something that I did not do. I was a beautifully sun-kissed child that always felt loved but out of place. As I got older and life sent me through many roads both up and down, I decided I needed an outlet to put the many growing emotions and opinions from both the past and the present into perspective… so I began expressing through writing and photography. My idea of writing is simple and heartfelt. I do not consider my writing to be classified as poetry or that of a highly skilled writer but just words that are my own. So I really hope you enjoy my blogs, storytelling, and photography. As you enjoy this journey with me, I really hope you are inspired and motivated.

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